martes, 5 de enero de 2010

The questions- Common

Yo, if I'm a intellectual-al, I can't be sexual?
(I don't know, you wanna be sexual??)
If I want to uhh tah uhh does that mean I lack respect for you?
(I don't know you tell me..)
Youse a grown man, why fuck that young girl, are you lustin?
(I might look twenty but I'm 15 - slow down girl)
If you got paper like that, then why you still hustlin?
(Why you still hustlin? C'mon!)
Now you know yo' stomach too big, to be wearin a shirt like that
(Look at your stomach - ewww it's sloppy)
So why, you want, to go and do that?

Like water for chocolate (2000)

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